You are now standing in the public toilets of Fitzgerald's and can smell disinfectant but it's OK, it seems quite clean. You hear someone from the next cubicle pipe up and say "How-ya!" You think it's very odd that someone in a toilet, who you can't see is trying to start a conversation with you but what the hell. Why not!

Ask why there is so much Graffiti on the wall?
Ask if he would like to have a pint in the bar when he comes out instead through the wall of a cubicle.
Ask how to get back to the Main Bar.
Complain to the Manager about the state of the toilets
Graffiti on the toilet wall

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The Entrance, Outside the Pub, The Irish Band,
The Locked Chest, The Drunks, The Bar,
The Locals, The Chat, The Jukebox, The Stranger

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