You are standing at the end of the aging mahogany bar. You can see two strangers drinking quietly and timidly. There is also a ragged grumpy looking loner close by. The Strangers inform you (in a whisper) that the loner is actually the embittered brother of the Leprechaun who becomes a bit aggressive when drunk, which is most of the time.

Would you like to;

Ask why the leprechaun's brother is so bitter.
Ask the brother if he knows anything about the mystery of Avoca.
Tell the brother to "Brighten up"
Ask him how it feels being the same colour as vegetables?

You can move to:

The Entrance, Outside the Pub, The Irish Band,
The Locked Chest, The Drunks, The Bar,
The Locals, The Chat Area, The Toilet, The Jukebox

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