You can see near a fire, five locals who are talking among themselves, and as you approach they stop talking. You can tell that two of them are very friendly but the other seems a bit odd and doesn't even acknowledge your presence. You can hear the crackling of the fire and feel its warmth so you decide to have a chat.

What would you like to do now?

Introduce yourself, and ask if they would mind if you sat with them for a while.
Ask them what attractions etc. are in the area for you to visit.
Tell the lady that her ring is very unusual and attractive and could you possibly have a look at it.
Ask about the quiet one, does he not like strangers?

You can move to:

The Entrance, Outside the Pub, The Irish Band,
The Drunks, The Bar, The Locals,
The Chat Area, The Toilet, The Jukebox, The Stranger

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