You can see before you a group of musicians who are holding different instruments such as a fiddle and a Bodhran. They are playing an old Irish ballad which sounds complicated but they make it look so easy. All three of them are relaxed and seem as if they're playing for their own pleasure as much as the customers. It looks as if they are about to take a break.

Would you like to:-

Ask them to play a request and what was the name of the song they just finished.
You have never seen a Bodhran before and ask if you could see it .
Ask where you could get some of their music
You ask how much training they have had?
Offer to buy the band a drink

You can move to:

The Entrance, Outside the Pub, The Locked Chest,
The Drunks, The Barman, The Locals,
The Chat Area
, The Toilet, The Jukebox, The Stranger

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