The Avoca Website was created by a group of irish students, led by Thomas O'Duffy, student and wired entrepreneur.

Concept Creator,
Producer and Webmaster
Thomas O'Duffy
Artwork and
Character Design
Paul Young and Tomm Moore
Cartoon Saloon
Scripting and Linguistics,
Poetry Recital
Niall Cooney
E-Commerce Programmer
Neil O'Toole
JavaScript Inventory
Barry Rogers
Product Photography
Dee Maher
Graffiti Applet
Morgan Brickley
With thanks to:
Tony Kelly, The businessman who made it possible :-)
Paula Fitzpatrick, Avoca Gifts E-Commerce Mistress

Robert Stephenson, Treasure Island Records (Jukebox Music)
Dymphna O'Duffy (Guinness Cake Recipe)

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